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Sensory Adaptation

We receive information, and function in our life through two sources...

Five Senses    |    Sixth Sensory

The information coming through our five senses is impressed upon our subconscious mind through the environment around us – our experiences with the people, places and things surrounding us. These past experiences act as fear-based information and forms false impressions on our mind as a programming. This information is limited and makes only 1% of our mind.


We become adapted to struggle. We become adapted to the sand in our shoe. We adapt to our financial struggles. We accept the lack, the feelings of lack, and the effects of being lack…having lack. And that becomes our new normal.


On the other hand, the sixth sensory information is one received through mapping the Universal Mind. The wisdom, insights and resources through this Infinite Intelligence are vast and limitless. This makes 99% of our mind (field) which we remain unconscious of.


With a professional and trained hypnotherapist, you can learn how to be a multisensory being from a five-sensory being and experience organic healing and profound shifts in your life.

Glass of Milk
Hypnotherapists are perception healers

What would your life look like if you could naturally transform the limiting beliefs and tap into the Universal Mind (field) and become a multi-sensory being?

labyrinth 3.png

Break through those sensory adaptations to create a new refreshing, rejuvenating, restoring and replenishing normal for yourself – by tapping into your own inner resources through the safe and scientific techniques of altered states in hypnosis.

Tap into your own inner wisdom to liberate yourself from the attachments to past negative experiences and old impressions.

Free up the inner screen space for new positive experiences and energies to unfold to live a more joyous and fulfilling life.

As an IBH certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’ll train you to train your mind.

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