"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us."


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Nature of Mind

The natural states of our mind is that of joy, love, and connection. If we are not experiencing this, there are other thoughts distractions coming in the way, and we are not living a balanced and fulfilling life, that we naturally are meant to.

We all have untapped Inner Resources to navigate through the trajectory of our life. Through the power of our mind, we can access these hidden inner treasures to tap into our greatest potential.


Clinical Hypnotherapy facilitates safe, natural and scientific access to your subconscious mind to unleash your pure potential and experience radical wellbeing.

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Mind (Field) Mapping

You are a creative thinking center in the field called Mind.


Mind is not something inside our body. It’s a field of intelligence around us. It’s a channel through which the invisible is made visible.  Brain is a receptacle for mind. Mind seeks that which is familiar. Mind brings the formless into reality. Our minds can be local – in our bodies, but they are also Universal and we can tap into the resources of the Universe.

Whatever I am focused on and whatever I expect, I manifest that into my reality.

Our thoughts are the repetitive beliefs. Our thoughts travel faster than light.


Belief is an idea we think is true. They load up our projection camera. Beliefs are either expansive or limiting. A positive belief gives permission to access our Inner Resources and our Greatest Potential. A limiting belief blocks our Inner Resources and our potential. Limiting beliefs suppresses the full freedom of our Divine expression.

Your beliefs dictate the flow of your energy and your behavior.

It’s not an event or experience that’s causing suffering. But it’s your beliefs that cause attachments to that event / experience that is painful.


In hypnosis, which is a natural state of your mind, you get to discover what you are adding to and fueling your old limiting story/programming, unconsciously. Through self-hypnosis, learn to heal these limiting beliefs.


Integral Hypnotherapy TM facilitates safe, natural and scientific access to your subconscious mind to unleash your pure potential and experience radical wellbeing.

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What are goals?

Goals are dreams to which you commit to take action to ensure their attainment and fulfillment.

Are you tired of wishful thinking and delay-dallying on your dream life, dream career, dream relationship? Take the charge of your life by investing in learning life-long skills of self-hypnosis and manifest all that your heart so desires.


Reach your goals by discovering and reversing false impressions of your subconscious mind, Mind (Field) mapping, and tapping into your infinite Inner Resources.

(Re)Discover yourself and live a life that inspires you to love.

Discover the conflict between your conscious desires/intentions, and the lifetimes of previous programming of your Subconscious Mind through integral hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, that has the power to speak directly to the Subconscious Mind using a variety of tools and techniques, as well as mental stimulation for inner healing to occur organically.

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Sensory Adaptations

We receive information, and function in our life through two sources -

  • Five senses

  • 6th sensory

The information coming through our five senses is impressed upon our subconscious mind through the environment around us – our experiences with the people, places and things surrounding us. These past experiences act as fear-based information and forms false impressions on our mind as a programming. This information is limited and makes only 1% of our mind.


We become adapted to struggle. We become adapted to the sand in our shoe. We adapt to our financial struggles. We accept the lack, the feelings of lack, and the effects of being lack…having lack. And that becomes our new normal. 


On the other hand, the sixth sensory information is one received through mapping the Universal Mind. The wisdom, insights and resources through this Infinite Intelligence are vast and limitless. This makes 99% of our mind (field) which we remain unconscious of. 


With a professional and trained hypnotherapist, you can learn how to be a multisensory being from a five-sensory being and experience organic healing and profound shifts in your life.

What would your life look like if you could naturally transform the limiting beliefs and tap into the Universal Mind (field) and become a multi-sensory being?

  • Breakthrough those sensory adaptations to create a new refreshing, rejuvenating, restoring and replenishing normal for yourself – by tapping into your own inner resources through the safe and scientific techniques of altered states in hypnosis.

  • Tap into your own inner wisdom to liberate yourself from the attachments to past negative experiences and old impressions. 

  • Free up the inner screen space for new positive experiences and energies to unfold to live a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Hypnotherapists are perception healers.


As an IBH certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’ll train you to train your mind

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Neeta Handa


Neeta offers personalized hypnosis sessions designed to help you lead a balanced and harmonious life. Combining her extensive knowledge, wisdom and experience, she's exceptionally qualified to enable her clients to make deeply positive shifts. As a passionate Hypnotherapist, she enjoys working one-on-one with people in her Essex County practice and takes pride in the difference she has made in so many lives.

Let us support you in getting healthier and happier. Using scientifically proven techniques, we will aim to discover the root of the problem and create a long-lasting, effective change.