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Therapy Areas

Transform your Personal Lie to build your Self-Esteem.

We all have personal lies. These personal lies grow from the weeds of old limiting programming of our innocent subconscious mind. These personal lies take up so much of time, space and energy in the form of repetitive self-thoughts. The only thing Self-thought does is to compel you to notice the evidence of Self-Thought. And then you start behaving and living this self-thought. 


What Personal Lies are holding you back from living the life you so desire? Discover the personal lies that are silently consuming all of your energies and taking over your life.
Transform the energy of your Personal Lie by accessing your own insights and wisdom in the safe and natural states of your mind through Integral Hypnotherapy, so you could live a more fulfilling, joyous and abundant life.


Learn the tools to transform your personal lies and give a makeover to your Inner Self-Portrait – setting a high value for yourself. This shifts your awareness from problem to solution.


Learn how your subconscious mind will do its perfect job for you, to effortlessly regain your self-esteem. 

Balancing Rocks

Spiritual Maturity for Spiritual Growth

What stops us from being Awake?

Habituated life – Sleep of Ignorance - Blinded by conditioned mind.
In our daily routine boring life, we unconsciously create challenges to keep us alive.
I am all alone and not feeling connected. The primary sense of separation and suffering is the idea that our Soul is in the body and energetically I am not connected to others. 
The thought ‘I don’t know what to do’ blocks our Creative Intelligence. To free up Creative Intelligence, shift the energy by asking and focusing on ‘What should I do about this’.

Fears, doubts and indecisiveness breaks our precious connection with our Higher Self/Soul-Self, the Universal Mind (field) and the Divine Source Energy / God and slows our spiritual evolvement. When we operate from fear, we limit ourselves to the ego form. EGO – Edges God Out.

Soul Alignment is the awareness of divine nature within us. When our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, actions, behavior are congruent to that Divine Nature, we experience true Soul Alignment!


Our soul essence gets migrated into the MIND (Field).

When our conscious and subconscious mind are aligned with the Superconscious Mind, we experience Mystical Union. Mystical Union is when conscious thoughts, desires and choices, and subconscious mind programming are in whole, total and complete alignment and unified with the Superconscious Mind.

With the support and guidance of a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist tap into the fully awakened state of your Superconscious Mind. 


Inner alignment creates outer Congruence!

Empty Table And Chair In Coffee Shop

Past Life Regression Therapy

Using past life memories, we can improve our current life conditions. When we review past life circumstances, we review the accepted or applied programming in that life, that goes on in this life. Past Life Regression Therapy designs a strategy through natural and safe tools, techniques and states, to bring freedom from the limited programming acquired from past lives. This in true sense is liberation. It’s to understand past life karmas and unwind the karmic influences from this life and experience deeper transformations.


Responsible reasons to do Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Discover and reverse Past Life programming and related fears

  • Discover learnings for soul evolution

  • Discover special talents, developed abilities / awareness from past life.

  • Identify the type of Karma you are carrying 

  • Discover insights and wisdom

  • Behavioral Pattern / Karma Hack - Freedom from Conscious and Unconscious compulsive behavior.

  • Integrate the wisdom/ insights to improve your current life conditions and self-heal the past life influences.

  • Forgive those who imply or contribute as a set up to your Karma.

  • Know your dharma (Spiritual spontaneity) for this life – Integrating resulting right actions and reversal behaviors 

We must heal our minds to resolve our karmas.

Karma as per Sanskrit means ‘action’. Tibetan translation – “For every intentional action we perform, we experience a similar result.” Karma is not only a past life actions and deeds, if we are alert enough, we become aware that the ultimate goal of Karma is to bring harmony in ourselves as well as the Universe. Reincarnation – In flesh again. Personality doesn’t reincarnate. What influences the personality reincarnates. 


There’s an integration of multiple lessons of probable versions of yourself in You in this life.


Karma and reincarnation, acts as a feedback loop. In every lifetime we are constantly creating our karmas through our thoughts, words, emotions, deeds and intentions. Karma acts as a feedback. Positive feedback means our soul is to continue doing more of that. Negative feedback means we need to stop doing that and eliminate it. By noticing these feedback we can make course corrections that generate more authentic expression, total harmony and full and complete involvement.


Practice Areas: where and how Hypnotherapy can support your inner and outer journey.

Stress Management


Acute stress is body’s immediate reaction to a significant threat, challenge or scare. It is the fight-or-flight response. It is the function of ANS- Autonomic Nervous System. On the other hand, chronic stress is a state of ongoing physiological arousal. Research and studies believe. The more we get stressed, fewer solutions we get. Through learning self-hypnosis, train your body to be more in Parasympathetic drive, which the state of Rest & Digest, that boosts immune, digestive and reproductive system. And so, it improves the functioning of ‘Higher Brain Problem Solving’ and reduces stress.

Accelerated Healing and Pain Control Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Pain Management

Pain is a natural way of our intelligent body telling us that something is not right and is off balance. Surgery Preparation & Post-Operative Healing Methods. Post-Operative Pain Control. Hypnosis Methods for Dentistry.

Let your pain be your medicine.

Pain-relief leads to self-empowerment.


Anxiety / Uneasiness:

Learn to manage the feelings of anxiousness and free up the blocked energy.



Regain a natural sleep pattern for a nourished, balanced, energized and healthy life.


Body Image / Weight Management

If you want to change your body weight, change the belief system, instead of caloric intake. Begin by inviting this affirmation – ‘My body is the manifestation of health and beauty.’


Public speaking

Speak your ideas and thoughts with ease and build your interpersonal and communication skills. Begin with this affirmation - ‘My communications are open and honest. I express my ideas, thoughts and creative energy with clarity and compassion.’


Career/professional Success

Remain calm under pressure and achieve greater success in your career. Begin with this affirmation –“My career is a source of joy and prosperity. My career is a joyous expression of who I am.”


Conscious Connections

Strengthen your personal relations. Deepen family love and support. Enjoy honest and loving friendships.


Self-Forgiveness / Self-Love / Self-Care

In the presence of love, that which is unlike love, reveals itself for healing!

Inner Child Self-Healing and Support


Go beyond your persona to discover and polish the hidden inner treasures within you. Learned Helplessness through years of conditioning? Discover what interrupted your personal power. Discover the invisible barriers to your personal and professional growth. Tap into the power of your mind to breakthrough the years, decades and even lifetimes of limitations, and regain your personal power.


Therapeutic Forgiveness

is when we let go off the people and effects of that which hurt us in the past.
‘It is the story of what happens that causes suffering.’ -Buddha 


Manage emotions

Feelings are information and not facts. At the root of our feelings, lie our needs. They appear to communicate with us the information about what’s working and not working. For example, Anger is the attempt for change. 

‘Feeling is the secret.’ - Neville Godard


Compassionate approach for Grief and Loss

Support to work through the emotions dealing with grief and loss

Child Birth preparation

Intention is to support conscious parenting.


Natal Regression & Interlife Exploration

A lot of our childhood experiences, birth trauma, and subconscious programming hold us back from living our full potential. Through the safe, natural and scientific techniques of hypnosis, we can explore and heal difficult birthing and childhood experiences. Facilitate healing of the inner child, inner parent and inner adult relationships.
In hypnosis, we can discover the decisions we made during the Interlife (life between life) states. Integrating the insights and wisdom discovered, into current life brings much needed healing for a more balanced, fulfilling and joyous life.


Creative Art of Affirmations

Tired of universal/general affirmations not working for you? Learn, how to create personalized affirmations, and how to effectively work with them in re-programming your unique subconscious mind and so to invite positive shifts in your life.

Other Areas

⦁    Stop Smoking cessation 
⦁    Accelerated learning / Improved test taking performance.
⦁    Habit vs Addiction
⦁    Enhance Sports and Athletic Performance
⦁    Conscious uncoupling
⦁    End of life care
⦁    Time management

Learn how to illicit the feeling of what it would be like to experience the manifestation of your desired goal/intention. Re-program your subconscious mind in hypnosis, so your journey naturally and easily unfolds towards the achievement of your desired goal.

Difficulty in making decisions. Explore what’s behind the fears, phobias, doubts and indecisiveness. Reveal their root cause and how to work through them to evolve and transform at deeper conscious levels.

Altered State Discoveries - Discover your Inner Resources and answers in hypnosis. Working with dreams, understanding dream wisdom, and integrate the insights revealed to current life conditions, to live a more fulfilling, balanced and abundant life.

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